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The Building Blocks of Spirituality – Teaching your Children to Recognize the Iconography of Saints – חלק 2


August 11, 2014 by admin

קרא עוד בנושא – תאורה, קרא עוד בנושא קונדילומה גברים

There are also many depictions of him baptizing Christ in the Jordan River 

St. Bartholomew

Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles. He was martyred while being flayed alive. Bartholomew is often depicted with a knife, or holding his own skin. It is very important to accompany such harsh artistic descriptions with careful explanations to your children and while stressing the spiritual redemption and positive spiritual ending.

St. Andrew

Andrew was the brother of Peter and, of course, one of the apostles. He was crucified on a diagonal cross which is therefore his attribute in most instances.
James is referred to as “the Greater” because he was the first disciple. He was beheaded, but is most often portrayed as a pilgrim with a walking stick and a wide brimmed hat.

St. Paul 

St. Paul is portrayed many times with a long and pointed beard as well as with a receding hairline. His main attributes are a book or letters that represents the epistles that he wrote, as well as the sword he was killed with.


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